Hungry, hurting

The blood rushing through your brain
Fuelling the regret
Giving the thoughts in your mind
something to feast on
Hungry and rampant
Ready to grow forever
You feed them ten times a day
Crunching down on the meal with no manners

You slave for them
They tease you for that
Tempt you with friends
Turn you towards a better time
Before throwing it in your face

Another feast to be prepared
You’ll never let them go
You can yell and scream
Call them mangy
call them mongrels
But you made them with your own malice
They laugh and snicker at threats and promises
Because they know you’ll keep them around
You beat and pummel them
Make them grow in size
Despise and hate them
Forever and always



to cure a blackened heart
Wash the tar away
New Waves open
And let you in home
Without you the place may crumble again
As the sea turns violent when left alone
Striking the beach to kill
But like the siren
you can calm
And choose what to do with me
I’ll stay open for you
As long as you bring hope

Feel Less Think More

Do you care about me
You know I haven’t been fine for years
I’ve torn through messages and friends
Why else would I talk to you again
I can’t remember
a month without a word of you
Slipping through the ruminations of my mind
I can’t remember
you I’ve forgotten every face each name
With hate filled thoughts for
me and you
When’s the last time you thought of me
Did you know I was hurt
I’ve been crippled for years
Good riddance your mind is blank
I’d hate to have residence there
In something so vile


No no bad
You’ve taken all I had
You dirty rotten hag
I’ll hit you where you sag
Such an ugly little monster
No one would ever love her
Useless as a pimple
Let’s burn her plain and simple


Look at me crossing the river Styx
It’s easier than my bris
You ever seen this
It’s my chopped up penis
doc with a special knife
changed my life
Wear a mother fucking yamaka
Making it so I can’t marry ya
I guess that more my upbringing
less the doc’s wang trimming
Got dreidels on my rims
And fuck yes they’re spinning

Go West for Love

It seems like an ocean
when really I could walk to you
who vibrates the air so beautifully
adds meaning to nothing
shines on the other coast

Reach for it, live for it
they’ve taught and told me
without any knowledge of me and her
as I have no thoughts of her
with substance or me

She who burns bright
Smiles brighter
radiates each day in confidence or beauty
brings laughter and laughs enough
for those who don’t

She who lives west
who knows nothing of me
lives freely
to see a world
We miss each day

Black Widow

Life will tell her.
sell her on a better one
Who she will love for
days he will remember
till his time comes

his end can bring new life
while he will decompose
he will propose
a better one for her
to take such a chance
one final dance
for him would be it

his end will bring new life
someone else to be her wife
a different take on the same toll
changing a role to change the
roll of dice, she was nice
but she never was

One to settle down
Give up her crown
She’d always be ready to
wait for you