May I?

That night with the boys flailing on stage
Slamming on whatever instrument they held
I saw your beauty through the faces
Like the main character coming into focus
As the world blurred before me
I knew to stay silent
Or another night would come
With a morning alone
Rolling awake to a quiet click
The only thing left sitting stale
In my brain for weeks
You’ll never answer again
Or listen to that shitty band


Fast Food Burger

Im a sad hamburger
You don’t even know what
I’m made of
Or how easily I crumble
You crave me once in a while
Only when you’ve ready to cheat
And you never want to know more about me
You wish to forget me
And work me off
Always hoping one day you’ll be well off enough
To never need me again

Scrape me off

Why the fuck do people even talk to me
can’t they see
that in a week or to it
will all be the same
with another person on this end
or no one on the next
It’s been like this for years
I’ve been right here for years
Wondering who will decide to come back
only to find myself wondering wondering wondering wondering
wandering to another bar to find
another bar to find
another drink to find another girl
who will talk to me for a week
who will find another in a week

To remember me is the real test
the real medal at the end of this exam
to the question
of whose heart is the one on the bottom of your
who will believe in a week that I’ve gone
I’ve lost my existence and gone on a new journey
to another place another place where I don’t have to hear
another excuse another word
from some mouth I can’t kiss anymore

Time is Up

Can I ever find a bright place?
a home or house with
such a distinct grace
that I’d never think of your face

Each cell I found was
such a nice relief
hoping a hound had
torn your face apart

I’ve never been one for
such dark thoughts or
these silly attempts
at having you killed

Enough was Enough to
decide just what I should do
whether it was run to the hill
or fucking kill you

Dark World

The negative black air sucked
into my lungs so deep it
kicked the cancer I once thought
defeated. I had already told
my family and friends I was better.
Of course, met with such responses
not even meant to encourage me
things to remind me of my luck
not my life. I turned away from that life
looking for a brighter one. I’ve been gone
for seven years. hoping to prove those people
of people who could show them
what I had inside my heart. That they buried into
the deepest canyon. To the heart of the
earth, where I burned alive.

So you left me alone in an ocean again.
I’ve been floating for four years and the
sun hasn’t graced me in seven. I remember
why I left the shadows but I remember
that I haven’t truly left them
for they are everywhere. Why does
no one see them.

Never Again

Grow to a new one
a quarter or whole
it can teach you a new way
to move and feel
but you need to find the right one
and the one to share it with
you’ll never remember how to

Every time I’ve tried to show
just what it meant to me
you’d do your best to impression
of me from years ago
trying to impress you
because you can’t tell anymore
that that’s still how I feel about you


If you didn’t have a heart
could you really know what love is
would you find what you’re looking for
in the stones of a path
cliff of a man
when would you know
when to check and see
if your heart is still beating for her

If you didn’t have a brain
would you still love me?
with every ounce of your bleeding
heart that you’ve stabbed yet again
found an empty rib
the lines of a cell
waiting for another wet day
to let it all pour into the streets
and down the gutters
where someone might appreciate
what I was sending to you