Yes, This one is about you.

A wrote a little poem
which made me sad.
All I wanted to do was tell you about it.

You were always better than me.
Too good for me, but not for yourself.
I’m constantly reminded of you
when I do something spectacular, creative.
Because you were always there doing the same
being more than just me
The universe would remind me of you, a muse
To yourself and all



Another country
for lonely men
to watch you leave again
Fly way for Winter
Fly by for Summer
and love for the rest
A life without me
You’ll find best


Each man has poison in his bones
and aches and breathes of the blood he spills
A child’s tear running thicker now
among an echoed laugh
always in a distance
a warmth of heart he has felt
but which he’s dug out
he never learned to break the distance
of silence which rings
of bombs he endured
as his own weight held him down
a thousand tons upon each
away from love which
he would never reach

I miss hanging out with the pretty people
The dull bulbs under shocking light
Each one you can stare at forget
to never go blind
While you may go deaf any second
The screams of fans will force you on your knees
Down to where you should be
Unearthed and under earth
among rats and vermin
crawling on bellies
worshipping your queen
scratching your own dignity
ruining your body, your beauty
to sit bent and broke under the heel
The precious feet you begged to kiss

When you’re among the pretty people

Union Unity

Sometimes all you need is an ear
I’ll be here for you friend
To keep you from the end
We want to see what you have
Because the possibilities are infinite
From a brain such as yours
So troubled right now
but so vibrant when bright
Let us in to keep the dark out
One is better than none
While the whole of us is strongest with you


A star too bright for you
to hold onto So hot to the touch
you’re melting
You’ve lost your mind
Lost your place
You float alone
as everything you once had

It’s burning up
You notice nothing but the star
Goading you further
into nothing But itself
You’ve lost yourself
You notice nothing

The star pulls tight on you
You choose not to breathe
You are in love
But the star beams for eternity

May I?

That night with the boys flailing on stage
Slamming on whatever instrument they held
I saw your beauty through the faces
Like the main character coming into focus
As the world blurred before me
I knew to stay silent
Or another night would come
With a morning alone
Rolling awake to a quiet click
The only thing left sitting stale
In my brain for weeks
You’ll never answer again
Or listen to that shitty band