Scrape me off

Why the fuck do people even talk to me
can’t they see
that in a week or to it
will all be the same
with another person on this end
or no one on the next
It’s been like this for years
I’ve been right here for years
Wondering who will decide to come back
only to find myself wondering wondering wondering wondering
wandering to another bar to find
another bar to find
another drink to find another girl
who will talk to me for a week
who will find another in a week

To remember me is the real test
the real medal at the end of this exam
to the question
of whose heart is the one on the bottom of your
who will believe in a week that I’ve gone
I’ve lost my existence and gone on a new journey
to another place another place where I don’t have to hear
another excuse another word
from some mouth I can’t kiss anymore


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