Dark World

The negative black air sucked
into my lungs so deep it
kicked the cancer I once thought
defeated. I had already told
my family and friends I was better.
Of course, met with such responses
not even meant to encourage me
things to remind me of my luck
not my life. I turned away from that life
looking for a brighter one. I’ve been gone
for seven years. hoping to prove those people
of people who could show them
what I had inside my heart. That they buried into
the deepest canyon. To the heart of the
earth, where I burned alive.

So you left me alone in an ocean again.
I’ve been floating for four years and the
sun hasn’t graced me in seven. I remember
why I left the shadows but I remember
that I haven’t truly left them
for they are everywhere. Why does
no one see them.


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