Superficial Burns

Do you remember the electricity?
It’s certain lines that carry it between
you and me
In the nights I remember
where we talked
I leave them there for
they give me hope
and you nightmares

We’ve become cold
like the wind and snow off the
jackets we stripped to lie in separate beds
We came together
only to break so harshly as a winter floe

That night we spent warm
Among the lions and bears
We felt each other in what seemed
meant to be
Close only wanting to bare
only for that short time
We could only experience so little
Because together we were fixed
and we are meant to stay broken

I don’t want you
It won’t be right
It will fade with time
While mine flourishes
nurtured in flames and sunlight
You’ll torch and char it
Spread lie on it’s beauty
Spray paint on a masterpiece
You’ll claw at it like you once did me
wet it with tears and spit

and leave it to dry
where it will only freeze
As hearts have
left alone too long
They never bloomed nor hatched
only birthed ice and flames


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