To Those at The Sad Shitty Bar

You go to the bar for a drink and lose yourself to three.
He ends up talking to an old man for hours about the jazz band.
He quickly checks the time and notices nothing wrong
but he forgot about the date he had 2 hours ago.

The girl at the bar finds her date to be a no show. Again.
She bought a drink and decides to stay and finish it.
To her surprise as she finishes another shows up
she goes to take a drink as she notices someone waving her down.

His arm shakes violently as he waves from adrenaline and confidence.
The girl gives a fake smile and picks up her new drink.
She walks away from him and he orders again,
A double shot to finish off his night and some bad memories.

He fills up another cup before heading to the cash.
Opening it up to find his cell phone flooded.
More messages from her talking about her new job, new boy
and how she’d never have to go to a sad shitty bar ever again.


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