A Mind

“I wish I was dead.”
You could be, son.
Just grab a bottle of Advil
And help it down your throat
with some vodka.
“But they’ll miss me.”
They’ll remember you.
You can be another one of my friends
to die that way.
I’ll even add you to the list.

“I’ve been happy.”
Maybe once, maybe twice
but you don’t really remember it do you?
The world doesn’t remember happiness
but instead marks the dates
by wars and tragedies
“I’ve been thinking too much.”

Maybe you could wander
Find a fight you could lose
What a heroic way to die and
Enter Valhalla. Maybe
you could get raped
Fucked for the first time
and fuck your life away.
“I haven’t got much to lose.”
You can always stand in traffic
get hit by a van with
a mother and three children inside
You might scar them for life
but at least you’ll be dead
“No, no. I wouldn’t want to bother anyone.”


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