Confidence: A Bottle

You know what it is right?
I excrete like toxic waste
on a set of turtles
I find it hard to believe
thats what you see
With each step and sidle

A simple clink, each night to celebrate
caused him to see
by killing a nation of elders
or woo a girl too scared to talk to
You’ve let it seep into your bones
and out your dumb words and phrases

You don’t see it everyday from me
when you don’t look deep enough
You’ve let it strip your brothers
who see you strip
support the family and be independent
You’ve lost what you once where
to it

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree
and the tree died long ago from poison
as the snake refused to leave
the tree had no ears to cover
or mind to resist
So now you dance around it
Swinging your hips and showing
the thin branches not covered by leaves
dying from the genetic poison


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