Dikembe: Stay

“For a list of reasons
beyond my control
I can’t stay.”
I’ve been working on
this for a while now
to remember the times
when I could hang around
without needing a
Breather, a hand
a hand to hold
and I’ve missed this

“The room has shifted
in this place that you call home
without me in it.”
and I’ve been looking
for the one who would
not leave me
When I left and
I can’t stay
still for more than
one month
can’t stay
with you
for any time
If I want to

“You could only
teach me the words.
I could never learn
how to say it.”
that I feel this way for you
as we talk and
who we’ve always been
I’ve missed you
The way
I taught myself to
be alone without
a thing to hold me up
so I’ll think of you, wish
I could stay


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