11.9.15 See Through You

Changing into ten dollar value village jeans in a five guy’s washroom
Struggling with the thoughts of if she’ll like them
Or if she’ll see your poor attempt
to not seem so cheap
She’ll see beneath the clothes
to your indigestion, belly fat, and chest hair
Perfectly matching your glasses and
Buttons you’ve stashed away in your bag
Too nervous to wonder if she’d get the references,
You kept the patches on because you
pricked yourself too many times getting them there
You don’t want to have to head upstairs to ask your mom
to redo them

The buttons rattle with the pills in your bag
Drugs, strictly the medical kind
Mood boosters, confidence gainers and Tums
that you’ve already taken for your stomach

Even with all this struggling,
sweat, tears, and thankfully no blood,
You’re still 30 minutes early
and decide to sit in the cafe
portion of your comic shop

You lose yourself in one you just had to buy
it alone costs more than your outfit
Which you wonder as you read
why you’ve been wearing it
You realize the date you missed
Probably wouldn’t have like it anyway


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