Sleepless Nighttime

I awake in this bed
Thinking of other beds I
may have slept in tonight.
From crib to coffin
I see you at my side eternally.
Til death do us part.
Although death of love occurred
some nights ago.

I’ve lied cold and crass next to you
for sleepless night on sleepless night
of inadequacy and cold steel
hot limbs dry tears
heavy weight of heat and lov-lust

You’d let me stay there forever
night on night
countless favours for fucking
nothing would start this
stop this clock wailing
letting each night fade until 4
You’ll never turn without a push
no hug without a
heartless heartless laugh at inadequacy
no kiss without a word
no return no mutual love

The doctor will stay in tonight.
Like firefighters, police, soldiers
he feels pain like those humans.
Death will pull him apart. Pain
of heavy weight of showing
his love for all. For you
won’t see him tear. The tear
in his heart spills at home
in bed. Where he thought you would be


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