Zachary Hale Comstock

Magnificent in beauty was the least important thing about her
royal in lineage, low on the list too
Her love for
She wasn’t just someone you stumble across
She found you if she felt like it
To tear you apart like she could tear dimensions to shreds
You were just one time and one life
She made your prophecy to destiny

You had no choice
The oracle who observed all
and picked a man so small
even my fingers could circle his throat

a Shock trooper
wrapped in metal or depth gear
Dirty Disgruntled and gun riddled
not too interesting when looked upon
seen through a window with medals and honours
written on him in ink or blood
with some prefix before his name

You had me from the start
pinned down to every scratch
which you placed there
pinned down to the bed
You knew who I was before I
was the one to end you
end me,
end the world of clouds


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