15.4.14 Luck for Life

Going seventy miles and hour on a rain drenched road
A critter popped out of the bushes at the side of the asphalt
The rabbit streaked across just looking to pass
In that moment I decided my life was worth much more than his

I swerved a tad, just a small instinct
The resounding thump had told me the creature’s fate
I pulled over to pretend I cared at least

In the downpour I examined the corpse
I had swerved just enough to crush it’s feeble head
All the better that it died quickly
I picked up the sack of animal and pulled it to the side of the road

In the dark of the mud I pulled out my army knife
I snapped the bone of the leg which had been running not too long ago
still hot from exercise the white pierced through flesh
I cut through the sinews and skin and stole a foot
Hopefully this would keep me safer than the creature


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