22.3.14 A Group

“We’ve assembled a posse
assembled a crew
Through stereotypes and lies”
Through a couples one lines and quick chuckles
We would travel the places we need to go
We would travel wherever we thought to go

As a group we could roam and feast
take on any beast
For we grew and lived
As a unity of one
Without the group no one would know our name

A melancholy existence
To be identified as one of a whole
While never having a magnifying glass
hovered over you
You were a pawn of a chess board
yet with no chance to ascend to queen

Elegance and flare were always associated with you
You actually didn’t have to work
You grew up as who you are
You just happened to grow up with these
friends who knew you and were you

The outsiders looking in may not see you
but the group knew who they needed to
because it was an organism
of friendship and camaraderie
that would live just by itself
and did not need society
to be


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