22.2.14 Little Sister

I’m sorry I didn’t see it before
You grabbing at my ankles, balling
Wasn’t about the broken toy or missed recital
It was about me
and our time
You were always hoping I’d reach out

You didn’t notice
When I yelled at your friends
pushed you past limits
scrawled over book after book, every night
I was always hoping to help you

I wasn’t good with words
Spoken ones at least
I could never tell you how I felt
I couldn’t stand at your side and smile
there were always people looking
with a spotlight on you
I’d always have to shy away
You deserved better than to have me at your side

The collections of writings were what I had for you
hoping one day you’d see the hard work
I thought I could wait until I was older for the appreciation
Spring it on you right when you needed it most
Be at your side proud and strong
I could wipe the tears away with the pages
and finally share a bond

I never thought I’d leave your side forever
and give you such a reason for my words


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