11.2.14 King of Hell

I have smelt burning bones
Coupled with brimstone
And the agonizing screams
Of those who cry for help

Their fate is lost
Their life the cost
A deal dealt with the devil
Will leave you a whelp

A bright day in hell
Punishment served well
There was no fate worse
For the ones bathed in fire

The devil will say
With no light of day
That he is the ruler
That he will never tire

Of the screams and the blood
Torture the victims of the flood
To be the king of the wretched
Higher than the father
Tire out the maker


One thought on “11.2.14 King of Hell

  1. Interesting poem. The idea of hell disturbs many and even causes many to hate God.

    It never made sense to me how there could be people in hell now, burning longer than the author of sin, the devil himself, who’s walking about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. That would make God unfair, so I understand why people would choose to hate Him for it.

    I personally believe the Biblical version of hell, in that it’s an event rather than a place- and one that hasn’t happened yet. That’s why the devil will be reduced to ashes rather than being king over anything.

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