28.1.14 Children of Zombies

The zombie in shambles
Like a homeless man in the streets
they populate the city
ruin our once prized paradise
but at least we no longer need
an excuse to never leave our houses

Hidden from the populations
Like the celebrities of days past
Only now we need to constantly worry
kids no longer a miracle but a hinderance
Food scarce
We must remember our ancestors and how they lived
Off the land
Yet we’re just surrounded by rot

My son told me a story
from the eyes of innocence
about the ratty clothes dangling
privates parts exposed but not really functioning
Skin peeling almost like clothes
it shuffled and shuffled
kept to the window where it saw him
He slipped the blade through it’s eye
Not deep enough he improvised
Made his hockey stick a spike
and ploughed it through the brain

The next day I saw him playing
with the same stick drenched in maroon
Children have changed
been climatised to horror


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