2.2.14 Compilation of Noise 4

To creak, crack, snap and break
with each step I take
makes it seem so fake
To crumble, crumple, fall and tumble
How can one be so humble
with each step he fumbles

An unintentional burning passion
turned to anger creates danger
Fire burns brighter than the love
he roasted over the fire
Tore the flesh and bit in
Let it blacken and burn
Like the scars he has now

A crash will provide
The simple excitement and tragedy
That care and hope could be funnelled toward
That sympathy could be passed along
without a word said by the victim
cuts, scrapes, torn metal
peeling skin away from bone and heart
from body without a soul
Let the physical and the phyics torture your body
So your feelings, emotions, mind, soul, mental state
can stay hidden and unaffected


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