24.1.14 Kill the Messenger

Everything will be bright an hopeful
look ahead and see all the
separating paths and dialog trees
Millions of endings for you to choose from
You don’t know where you’ll end up
Who you will be
Life is an adventure
-From the Young and Growing Sprout

The paths have twisted
crossed and become mangled
Like the wreckage of a car crash
Sharp and jutted
Easy to cut yourself on
See blood trickle and this constantly
happens everyday
The world is a sharp and scary place
-From the Anxious Spectre

Maybe you didn’t pick the right path
Or maybe they were just conveyor belts
and no matter how fast you ran
You were always on this destined path
A low path
Full of dark tunnels and dead ends
You learned long and depressing lessons
a speech at a funeral
That life is unfair
The most difficult thing you’ll ever experience
You’ll be dragged through the mud
tied to an ass who won’t stop
No matter how many rocks crack your skull
– From the Depressed Golem

Now you’re floating
In space, on a raft in the pacific ocean
it doesn’t have to be specific
All you know is the paths are gone
You’ve stopped travelling
realized no matter which way you tried
to drive your life
You never ended up anywhere
So you’ve lost everything
No destination, no journey
no meaning
and no more messages
-From the Lost Courier


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