21.1.14 A Timeline

If you dwell in the past you’re depressed (1)
If you worry about the future you’re anxious (2)
If you live in the present you’re missing the bigger picture (3)

Memories are a strange curious thing
You can always remember the worst ones so fondly
A family member passing
That dumb comment you made
The break ups and rejections
You need to be asked and questioned
to remember the good ones
While the bad ones will just pop up

You can always worry about tomorrow
You can think ahead and wonder what
disease, hard time will hit you next
Life is hard no matter what time you think about
but when you know the future will happen
because time keeps moving when you aren’t ready
You can only hope to worry about the future
You’ll never be prepared

To worry about your own present
Is selfish and awful
Don’t you know you’re insignificant and tiny
The earth’s problems are larger than yours
Africa’s problems are larger than yours
You have it so good in life
Pretty much from every angle
So you can’t be sad
because that’s just purely selfish
Perk up, you’re fine

I have to think far ahead
past all my problems and stress
to the happy times I hope I make it to


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