20.1.14 The problems of a man who writes poetry

The problems of a man who writes poetry

“Oh he does it to get girls
He wants to show his sensitive side
It’s probably a phase
He’s not like that in real life”

It came from a simple class project
He wanted to write epics and stories
but emotions were only conveyed in metaphors and similes
eventually with rhythm and rhyme
He learned of sonnets and poetry
and he didn’t go back
It was a talent, or so he was told

“Ha, how did I get that reward
a prize for writing but the kind I’ll never do.
People got a taste and that’s all they’ll get
Now back to the serious kind of writing.”

He kept it up, kept it going
Well eventually
when he realized it was the only way to convey emotion
because he was mentally stunted
from being able to share, empathize, feel
he never thought this would be where it came from
where it started, where it ended
That’s the journey and destination
Of these thoughts he doesn’t normally keep track of
Just expresses in writing


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