17.1.14 They Lived Happily Ever After

Not everyone believes the story
of a boy and girl simply falling in love
from the moment they see each other
to the end of their lives
“Somewhere along the line, everyone forgot”

As children we dream of magic
as boys we are taught
(from somewhere strange that we can’t remember)
that girls are icky
But every boy remembers his first crush
Mine is hard to forget
because she sits across from me everyday
and lies beside me every night

Magic is just not understood science
the working of hormones and experiences
Love isn’t so complicated
Don’t make it so
If you’re in love, live for it
You don’t need to ask so many questions

Take opportunities and use what you have
Don’t waste time, or it will waste away
when you get the chances
tell her how her smile makes you smile
hold her as tight as you can
let your fingers crawl across her hand
Make sure she hears your heart beat

Tell her you Love her


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