17.1.14 Hurt Hate Home Hope

i’ve come to Hurt
in every part i see of Myself
No place i can think of where i
find some One who’s the same
who understands
who listens, beckons and
Holds Me when that’s all i need

i Hate
every happy person i see
What’s so great about life that they’re allowed to
roam free smiling and happy while i’m
trapped Inside
i hate the help and i hate the people
i can’t imagine how they must see Me
weak and pitiful
a big mess they don’t know how to fix
if they even cared to

Home is where i’ve lost
nothing can remind of the happy times
as a kid and a lover
Is it really that long ago
when I could remember her face and smile
Where every moment was for her
when The time spent meant for much more
when my Heart was so full
i’ve lost the sense of calm and home
i can’t remember happiness
maybe this Is all life amounts to

one day i will embrace Hope
i can feel it’s warmth just beyond my grasp
these days, when Will i reach
time is always a huge factor to every step i take
i just hope this world loops around
so i can Return to the happier times
when people weren’t out To get me
when i had a lover to embrace
a face to hold close to mine
when my friends were always around
a time when i could be myself
i need to remember who i am
become the present tense
hope will return to Me


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