12.1.14 define Love for me

How are you supposed to know what love is
until you’ve actually felt it
There is no scientific process
How do you know your tolerance
Don’t you just guess another’s thoughts
Is trust not defined more by you than the other

Love will be explained differently by everyone you ask
Some couples won’t talk of it for years
Some say it everyday
Some who are in love, won’t even be a couple
It’s complicated
Words will be repeated
So many can agree and disagree

Love is more mystifying than magic
More elusive than aliens
Maybe you’ll find it one day
Tell all your friends of your discovery
but all they will see is you pointing to another
person, they will laugh
call you a fool
You didn’t find love, you found someone
maybe you found happiness

You won’t have anything to show
maybe a smile on your face
and no hole in your chest
your hands will be empty and
that question will keep eating your brain

What defines love? Other than yourself?


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