12.1.14 The Power of Ice

This slightly icy chaos that has fallen over our whole town
has warmed my soul, the once dominant
older ones now grumble and toil
having to scrape and bend
Lost without their power and heat

The spry and happy youngin’s
slide through town
falling on their asses and freezing in
their fun wonderland
Awoke by the closure of their 9am wake up calls
yet they still wake at the same time
to get out, enjoy their early present
of freedom and the presence of their friends

It’s the ones in between who must decide
Whether they plan to stay inside and wait it out
cuddled by a fire and a laptop
Hoping their battery will last through the episode
Or maybe they could go outside for a couple minutes
create an art display like the other hundred being made
of a tree bent and iced over
with a lens flare and an old filter

The one’s who will really enjoy it will forget their age
and remember memories
of sliding on ice, throwing the snow, and embracing the cold
It’s scary to stay inside and hope for power
When you can create your own
stop the waiting
and start hoping
that this lasts as long as it can
So you won’t have to go back to staying inside


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