10.1.14 The Lonely Duo Episode 3

A world with this crazy kind of chaos
somehow brought us together
and the world of fear and tragedy has kept us spinning in the same storm
The turmoil of that is that it won’t let us stay together
So we’ve been trying to calm it
Maybe we aren’t trying as hard as we should be

What if we part after the storm is over
I hope that’s not why we keep spinning
Locked in subconscious thought
scared of a real interaction with the other

The boy keeps me spinning
Tearing my thought of everyday life
He makes me think I am winning
Against this terrible funk I can’t break

I want him to feel the same, I want to make
Him realize how I feel and that I just need time
Then when I’m better he can finally be mine
But there’s no way I can possibly ask him to wait

I don’t know how long I’ll be here like this
I want him to stay and hold my hand
Lean in for a kiss
The fear of me tearing him apart later
Make me stray from the boy
He probably thinks I will just toy
with his heart
Until we finally part


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