9.1.14 Over Exaggerated Everyday Life

It’s a simple fact that without lies or drama
our lives would be boring
But with a little embellishing
I can make that simple exchange into art

How one simple glance can turn into a life time together
Being friends can become a marriage
Telling a secret can be the merging of two souls
A common interest can mean you’re soul mates

Yet with all this, writings can become more interesting
than everything you do everyday
You can come to believe that your friends hate you
That this girl you met last night is really the one
That maybe you do need to give up

You begin to take people’s words into your brain
and read them over and over
until you write them down and take apart the letters
To find the real meaning
That you should stay friends
That you’ve been pushing too hard
you need to give up and pick another

How come you care so much about these words?
Life isn’t as deep as you’ve made it
you’re too far down to see that


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