8.1.14 Compilation of Noise 2

Help me out
Help me up
Because I don’t want to leave
I don’t want to move
I don’t want to live

The world has been pushing and pressing on everyone I know
I guess we haven’t been treating it well either
But what happened to there being a positive reaction to every negative one

I can remember every coping strategy I’ve learned
The music, writing, exercise and the breathing
That doesn’t work for anyone anymore
When you think of why you do it
Why you have ‘sit and calm down’
All you can think of is how unfair it is
And how upset you are that this is where you’ve sunk

Repetitive motion as created many problems in my life
Rumination is the word or repeating thoughts
A constant tick tick tick of a clock in your brain
The grinding of teeth
A tightened muscle or aching joint
Everything will wear and tear if you use it too much
But to learn you must practice and repeat
Do you have to find a good balance?
You need a meter for everything in life
Don’t indulge too much in the things that will make you a better person
Cause they’ll make you ache anyway


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