7.1.14 Overemcumbered

The one thing I’ve never wanted to be is a burden
But as I get heavier and heavier
I can’t hold my own weight
I try not to look for someone to lean on
As I find myself swaying and collapsing
Someone always offers, they say they can take the weight
For a time they can

Everyone gets tired, everyone leaves
When they realize there is no rest
As you trudge on up the hill the weight only grows
The top is always blurred by fog
The conditions never better
The sun doesn’t shine
As it does finally peek out form the clouds
It is already setting
and you trip and tumble in the dark of night
As you go you don’t get numb
The weight continues to dig into you when you thought it had
already hit bone, alone you take it

I haven’t been crushed yet
Sometimes I’ve stopped walking
just sat and waited
Wondered what would happen if I quit
That’s where I am right now
Can you tell me what happens next?


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