2.1.14 I’ll help if it’s needed

You just seem so hard to get close to
(Impossible to penetrate
That hard shell you’ve created
This invisible barrier that has somehow become part of your personality
It is more you then what lies beneath)
I’m not sure if that’s my fault or yours
I know it can seem difficult
To say you need help
But when it comes down to it

No, no I’m just pushing you again
Making your decisions when I barely know how to make my own
Another mistake I’m making
I’m sorry I’m doing this
Thinking for you
I have enough stress I don’t need to dabble in yours
And you have enough to deal with already that you don’t need me butting in too

I’m sorry I try to think for you
I need to give you more credit
I just think of myself
How I needed help
How weak I was before you were there helping me
But with all this thinking
and wanting to help
I’ve forgotten what I really need to do
I need to think of you


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