2.1.14 A Dark Romantic Comedy

It’s not even a romantic comedy anymore
We’ve lost all the laughter and replaced it with tears
It’s a romance and
Romances don’t always have happy endings
You in a white dress
Me in a tux

In a coffin, your dress turns black
Tears of joy turn terrified
My body petrified
Stuffed like your bra in the prom scene

Everyone was rooting for us at the beginning credits
Young teenagers ready for the future but so confused
I guess we learned and became adults
Through montages and timelapse
And we became depressed
We are scared

We need that foolish confidence back
with it laughter will follow
Smiles and the ending that doesn’t leave us
broken on hard wooden floors
Dark as the black behind the credits

We will have laughter and each other
Instead of nervous giggles hiding anxiety
Or my strange chuckling that turns
Into tears at night


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