1.1.14 Search

A cold night out to sober you up never really seems like the cure-all
Why do you think that’s coming? Some religious ultimatum?
Like the rapture to condemn us all.
Some perfect answer to every question you’ve had
A star in the night sky will lead you no where
No map’s because no one has travelled where you venture
No mall directory to point to where you are, where you want to go
You’ve been asking strangers, giving in to the golden rule of childhood
Running because you’ve been walking so long
No light in any of the tunnels you’ve seen
Climbing into trees trying to find the burning bush
A thousand seas parted, searching the bottomless depths
Because everything dry has turned up ashes

Why you?
Why has your life become this?
Why can’t you find it?
A life time of searching.
You’re here.


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