31/12/13 Compilation of Noise 1

I’m honestly surprised today didn’t end with a gun shot or car crash

I’m on a pencil thin line, I don’t know who drew it
But I have a strange feeling it was me

It’s these kinds of experiences that tell me I’m alive
And remind me how much that sucks

How could all my experiences and hard work
Turn my life into this big mess of emotions, drama, and unknown futures

I know you’re all staring and wondering, cursing yourselves
But I’m the one in the ground now, it’s history and you’re the ones who have to live with it
Maybe you should of cried sooner

I started out waiting, then began dealing, then broke down
Figured it out, almost died, started hurting, hurt myself, broke down
Now I’m just surviving, living barely

Life has thrown so many obstacles
The earth has grown around me while I stood still, enveloped
Always move or you will be eaten
The Path will be full of obstacles you can’t beat
It’s then that you decide to stop trying
You stop and become enveloped
It’s warm

Life is unfair
But complaining hasn’t helped
These words and messages are what you make of them
But life is unfair
and whatever you make of them doesn’t matter
because even with your morals, lessons,
Your higher ground, riches and knowledge
Life knows how to knock you down
It’s much older and wiser

You know nothing
You amount to nothing
We’ve all seen those diagrams of how small and insignificant we are
So why are we still going?
Because we can?
Like a fly who knows it will be dead in 3 days
We drop like snowflakes
knowing we’ll be gone by the end of the cold
It’s too warm for us


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