30/12/13 Arthritic

A dog with arthritis
Barely able to move it’s hips
Don’t you dare pet her there

Blind 4 years ago
Deaf 2 years ago

You yell and change for her
to understand you
In hopes she remembers your voice
You always pet her the same way
hoping that will tell her it’s you

Only pet her head
scratch behind the ears
Under the chin
She likes it but her tail doesn’t wag

If you see her back legs giving
Her whole body slouching to the floor
Like she’s loosing grip at the end of a cliff
hold her up

When she stands it’s only to eat or defecate
She needs help with these
Carry her down the stairs to the grass
Shove her muzzle into the food bowl
Watch her eat to make sure it goes down

When she sits it hurts
hips not meant to bend that way anymore
It’s a constant pain she is in
Old beyond her years
Yet she’s always moving
Running from the pain
or trying to find an end to it


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