29/12/13 A Week of It

A week of madness
A week of sadness
A week I don’t think I’ll fully remember
So I’ll never tell you about it

People have talked about
Blackout drunk
Not remembering the night before
Having to figure out their life
Their mistakes and mess-ups from
friends and acquaintances

Being away from people
Down on depression
Away from the world
and experiencing as little of it as you can
I have nothing to learn

My faint memories
Of the side of a couch
blacking in and out
Sleeping my days away
I remembered many days

of blurred visions
squiggly text
replies and remarks
red lines, red pills
pause and plays
a plastic cylinder
and glass bottle

Liquid flowing over me
dribbling out my mouth
down my face
making stains on couches
and pillows
Sleeping in it
Living in it
For this week I can’t remember


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