26/12/13 A Resort Vacation

It had nothing to do with the destination,
No culture or ethnic experience.
It was about the beautiful beaches
and busty babes.

It was about getting to know the rich people
who had travelled from the same state as you.
It was about finding a place where you were old enough to drink
But young enough to have a liver that could take it.

You were told of shootings and rapes outside the walls
While you were high in the bathroom with a girl.
After you just shot up and looked for someone to fuck.
You’d leave her on the floor, passed out
Like the body you heard about in the street.

You didn’t come here to experience a new portion of ‘real life,’
That’s what you came to escape.
Your safe white house and stable job
You didn’t want to become part of a new’s story
You wanted to sit on a beach, look at women, and forget about your responsibilities.

You forgot so much more.



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