21/12/13 The Lonely Duo Episode 2

I sit and quake
forever awake
Seriously scared of the dark.
No matter how long
I’m always wrong
My thoughts repeat my doubts.
I can’t stand
so I use my hands
To tear the thoughts from my head.
I sit and wonder
under rain and thunder
As my hopes slowly wash away.
I want to see him
out on a limb
I’ll have to tell him how I feel.
I know he’s the one
who will show me the sun
And bring me out of this darkness.


I can hear her screams in my head
as she talked to me over the telephone
so quiet and confident
The allure she has is clearly a veil
while not many see through it
It fades away in front of me

It isn’t my choice these days
Because pushing and prodding isn’t how you help someone
You have to let them come to you
I’ll stick by her side and hope one day
She can see through the veil she created
She can be as confident as she sees

I can lay next to her at night
and help by holding her
Instead of tearing up on the telephone
knowing there’s nothing I can do
until she wants help


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