18/12/13 A Lonely Duo Episode 1

With the pauses in between songs
I can hear the laughter
I wish it would stop
Wish the music wouldn’t stop

I need the overbearing sound
The non-stop distraction
The isolation
The loneliness
Even though I feel just as lonely in there

I can’t stand the crowd of people
Who don’t hear me
and have never seen me
Sometimes the introvert in me needs attention
Sometimes my issues need attention
Which they can’t find in a large group


They don’t find the solution alone either
They at least get the attention craved
The wildness that has crazed
A part of my mind into straying from people
Running to a steeple of lonesome
in hopes of finding someone
Who will run with me
Someone who will be
When I need it
and can’t ask for it



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