17/12/13 The Wolf

The wolf lives day to day
surviving by his own means
The wolf leads and decides
It knows it needs to be part of a pack
But only as a means to survive
Meals are rarely guaranteed and certainly require work
There is rarely shelter unless found for himself
He will always be on the move
The reward for his work is freedom
Adventure, travel, uncertainty
Isn’t it more exciting to not know when you’ll die?
Or if you’ll live?

The wolf carries life in it’s maw
Killing for survival, breaking shelter, hunting the sheep
The wolf is looked on as a menace by the public
But the wolf sees their green eyes
As his peer on from the forest
While they hide in their stone bunkers
The wolf holds life and death
Sees them and picks between
because he has the freedom of choice
This is the way of the wolf


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