16/12/13 Blurred Childhood

I’ve been raised by television, video games and babysitters.
Some think I didn’t grow up with a childhood.
Never watched the right tv shows or played the right games.
I always had fun by myself and created my own worlds.
They say it’s strange I wasn’t a part of theirs.
I guess I’ve been out of the loop for a while.

I wouldn’t say they were wrong.
I grew up my own way.
Alone with my toys and imaginary friends.
Yet I remember being a leader
With friends and my own games
Teaching people my own languages and words
Coming up with worlds for them to enjoy.

I look back and don’t really understand myself
I don’t know how I became who I am
When I look back I can see that clear as day
I don’t want to understand it
I don’t want to know what made me this way.


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