15/12/13 Dream Girl

But when you awoke
with the idea of your dream girl implanted in your head
Like no one you’ve ever met
and every time you closed your eyes you could see her
You remembered you were stuck with nothing right now.
She is the girl of your dreams, you know?

The memory of the dream finally came back to you,
That didn’t help.
You’d think the worst part would be getting rejected
deep in the subconscious of your mind.
I think you’re wrong.

Left in my bed now the worst thought comes my mind.
Of not knowing what it’d be like
To have someone so perfect
that when you viewed her,
You knew every thing about her,
You knew everything she wanted and needed and that
she wanted you.

But you woke and you knew
You wouldn’t meet someone like that.
It only happens in dreams.
You think that might be the solution,
To dream forever.
So you can sleep with her.


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