14/12/13 Us?

I come up with a new plan every single night
I keep thinking about all the ways I could tell you
But I need to know when to give up this fight
I wonder if you think the same things too

We’ve been bouncing around the subject forever
It seems like the roller coaster will never
stop in time for one of us to get off
People are staring at me, they scoff

What’s he waiting for? A sign from God?
This boy needs to learn, life is simple
Life is easy, Life is nasty like a pimple
I hear these words and I nod

Of course they don’t understand
and how could they when it’s like
Teaching someone without a hand
How to lift a bike

The world isn’t so simple from my point of view
The girl isn’t so simple, I thought you knew
Our experiences are intertwined
Our experiences will be discussed over wine

I don’t want to waste your time
But I’ve wasted so much of mine


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