14/12/13 The Son, The Pilot

A career meant for the bird
What my father always said
He wanted a surgeon
He wanted an average hero
Something I couldn’t fulfill

I wanted to explore,
but the world was already found
I wanted to be remembered
A page in a book with my picture
The sky called
My name written in the clouds

War Hero, Commander in Chief
All my dad saw was ‘Killed in Action’
The prodigal son who would never return
I’ll fly right out of his life
But at least I’ll live my own

For country, crown, king
The world knew my name
Along with millions of others
Written on plates of metal
That if found
The names would be written in white marble

Mine is one
On these stones you stare at
The one my father visits in this field
Remembering his son
As I look down on him from the skies


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