8/12/13 On Display

A glass box shows me on display
For the world to see
But no one looks anymore
Except the lone tourist
Who comes from lands far away
Who point and say, see it is real
and then move along

Some days I bang and shout
Make a scene to entertain
It was exciting at first
The people who saw worried and wondered
I saw concerned faces from the box
But as with all acts the people became bored
Eventually I became a part of the town
A streetlamp you walk by everyday
and now never notice

One day I will die
Sure they feed me
I get sunlight and water
But death comes for all
I wonder who will care
Or if they will just replace me
Like a hamster who’s owner isn’t ready
to experience death

I’m on display for the world to see
Thousands of eyes have peered upon my body
I don’t understand the word privacy
Not even sure where I heard it from
With so many people always interacting with it
Never being alone
It’s strange how empty I feel
I’m no longer human
I am art
I’m just an object


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