7/12/13 My Help

When it feels like you have no where to go
And instead of living through this torture
You’d rather die.
You need to remember yesterday
When you were sane.
And you need to remember the reasons
Why you wanted to live yesterday.
You have to remember the places where you’re safe.
You’re living in a moment right now
And moments will pass.
Just like the last one.

I hope this can help you.
I know it feels like nothing can help.
But I need you to sit down
Read these words slowly
Pause at the end of each line
Hear the voice
Hear your heart beat
Has it slowed?
Let it
Feel it slow

Remember yesterday
Think about tomorrow
How everything will be back to normal
You’ll see the people who care about you
Remember what keeps you happy
Your life will settle again
As you have settled now


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