6/12/13 Sly Sides

Who is she? What do you really know about her?
How can you assume that raise of her lips
Means she’s happy to see you?
How do you know you’re the only one for her?
You can’t always be so confident and cool.

When was the last time you saw her?
How do you know she’s even out there anymore?
Are you sure that answer was the truth,
or does she lie as much as you?
Think of all those secrets you’ve kept from her
because I bet she has more.

Why do you listen to that little voice in your head?
Just because it’s yours?
You picked me, remember?
My words should matter so much more to you
than that devil you keep up there.
I have no secrets, no mysteries.
But maybe that’s why you fade away.
Why that voice exists.
You want the doubt, the deception,
So you always have a reason to turn tail and run.
The commitment will terrify you.


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