3/12/13 Troubled


The bitter mix of smoke and perfume
Always make me wonder what you’re trying to hide
You beauty, your past, or your problems
And who you’re hiding them from
Because you seem not to care
To the numb and unintelligent

To me, you wear your hurt on your sleeves
Where you store your cigarettes
In your torn up leather jacket
Beaten and battered, reflecting your home life
Your relationships, your heart
You try to make yourself seem so tough
A social outcast on purpose
When really the world has taught you
Not to trust

You lost of the meaning to life a long time ago
Yet you still hope to find it
Or you would’ve left a long time ago
You cut, it short each day with your choices
it’s become a cry for attention

The world can’t help you now
You can’t help yourself
You know there is just one person out there
The right one
Who can help


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