30/11/13 The cuts and scrapes of kids

I don’t get cuts and scrapes anymore
Maybe that’s just because I stay inside
Away from the thoughts of childhood
of a torn knee or twisted ankle
The feeling of asphalt burn
seems to be left in the past
with all the rest

Whether it’s time spent inside
The non-active events of my life
Or the fact that I just don’t want to get hurt anymore
That I have enough pain
It always seems easier to come up with an excuse
A reason to keep you on the couch

The city has changed you
Kept you inside
out of the dark
Away from the black alleys
and the violent crimes

You were never scared of before
Running through the trees and sharp grass
The bug bites would bleed
and the bruises would swell
Even the broken bones just became stories
The cuts never phased you as a kid


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