22/11/13 The overwhelming weight

Sure I might have and eating disorder
But really isn’t my biggest concern these days
With my grades dropping I really need to get back on track
My social life seems weening but I do still have friends
Or maybe I should focus on the girl because that’s what life is about right?
Think about my future, start a portfolio and do some side work
I do need money though every time I look at my wallet it seems starved
Maybe I should get in touch with my parents again
It seems I’ve been missing a lot of poetry lately
I did want to be an author too maybe I should get back to that
Oh shoot my calluses are disappearing I better pick up my bass

I think I’m focusing on the right thing
I need to figure myself out first
Get healthy like I said I would months ago
It is my priority
But it doesn’t mean I can drop everything else
It’s just so much to balance some days.


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