17/11/13 Study of Society

And if you read here, you can see
how the rich white shining castle
Represents the old sheltered life he used to live,
Where he was moulded in ignorance
Taught of disaster and misfortune
by textbooks and documentaries.
Where all the door handles
were fancy and took him to friendly faces.
Where someone sitting on a street corner
offered advice and guidance.

But as he travelled through life
To the dark dungeons of the forest
he learns of real life.
How his fairy tale town isn’t how we all live.
His vision was chipped and battered
Like everyone he saw.
The creatures of the forest scared him,
but they made him grow as a person.
He knew both sides of the coin.
He had lived and experienced all he could.

What he learned with all his experience
We see in his future
During the next few chapters
Where he raids the castle and helps
the forest folk.
He becomes their hero
and saves their tiny lives.

In the next book
We learn everything he did
Made no difference.


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