12/11/13 Swim for Me

I don’t want you to be my distraction,
My saviour.
The only thing keeping me from the deep.
That’s why we must wait.
This seems to be my way of telling you.

I can never be certain when I’ll be ready
If I ever will be.
If I can make it there.
But just wait there for me.
Because I don’t want to you coming here.

Sacrificing the sanity you have
To try and keep me afloat.
There isn’t enough room for both of us.
We need to fix our boats firsts.

And when that day comes I’ll sail to you.
I’ll show you how my shitty little dingy
Has become a home for both of us.
A life we can share and feel safe.

This is the option you would choose,
If you didn’t want to help.
You waited,
Left me alone to deal with my own problems
But what happens if I sank?
I couldn’t fight the waters just by myself.
I died.

If you come and help
Hold onto me as the water rises
Scream for help like I can’t
You can save us both.
Because I know you’re strong enough
Even if you hide.


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